Welcome to the world through my eyes.

Some girls never grow out of being the crazy horse girl. In my youth, I played with Breyers instead of Barbies. I started riding lessons at the age of five, and since then I've never stopped my love for animals big and small. I hate to admit. I am more comfortable around a friendly cat, a playful dog or an energetic horse than I am with people too rushed to see the beauty in the world. I have ridden and shown dressage, hunter-jumper, and eventing. But as an avid equestrian myself, I understand that your relationship with your horse isn’t always about the trophies won in the arena. There is a story behind your love of horses and the bond that I am longing to capture for you - whether you've won every competition, or your horse just means the world to you.

Along with my equine passion, during my youth I also developed a passion for artwork and photography. Starting with my first camera at around 10 years old, I instantly fell in love with creative artistry. My happiness, then and now, comes from capturing true, authentic, and emotion-filled moments and making my creative visions come to life. Since opening Meisha Mowatt Photography in the Greater Boston Area several years ago, I have photographed numerous clients, each unique and special to me and them. I welcome clients that want to be part of a creative process.

Of course I want to give you a new social media profile picture. Some clients are looking for their own personalized canvas of family, pets or special moments. No matter the task – my goal is to help you look your best, capture your most beautiful family or share important moments with friends, or showcase and celebrate the unique relationship we have with our pets. I am an email away – ready to create art with you.



My Mascot & Customer Relationship Manager, Saké